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Re-Open STRICT Guidelines

due to COVID-19

We will be RE-OPENING May 8th 2020!

We want to share our very strict guidelines prior to this date so we can be prepared as therapist and customer.

🛑 NEW CUSTOMERS- ALL FORMS MUST BE FILLED OUT PRIOR TO YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT TO ELIMINATE EARLY ARRIVAL. From our website, Log In to your ‘Vagaro’ account and fill out our ‘Customer Intake Form’ BEFORE arriving for your appointment. If you have any trouble please do not hesitate to call 303-657-4784, we can email you a temporary log in!

🌿Eliminate any massage around the nose or mouth, unless over the mask.

🌿Gloves do not have to be worn during massage, but wear when you feel it's appropriate. If you don't wear gloves during massage, it's important to wash hands immediately after session. (This is for the therapist)

🌿Masks - Nose & mouth coverings are required for both therapist & customers for entire service - Yes even when client is face down. If unable to do so, DORA recommends then not providing services or changing service to accommodate, ie: supine for entire session. (Please bring your own face covering with you to each appointment, we cannot perform the treatment without this!) Due to high demand, our order for disposable face masks are currently on back order.

🌿Spas vs Massage - Spa environment must be 10 people or less in total (includes the clients and therapist)

🌿We have allotted enough time in between sessions for proper hand washing, sanitation of the rooms and new table linens for each client (always performed here at Total Therapy), please do not arrive early for your appointment so we have enough time to make our environment safe!

We understand these are difficult times, we will help you to ease stress as long as we can follow these guidelines together! We thank you so much for your patience and understanding! We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Total Therapy Massage

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